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Threesomes and Groupsomes

Sometimes you wish that you had an extra hand, or mouth during sex. Maybe bringing more than one friend to bed (or couch, floor, shower, etc.) lets you play with different gender dynamics, or maybe it satisfies your voyeurism or exhibitionism. Maybe you want to bring some more friends into your fun and play with some new types of relationships, or maybe you just want to try something new and would like a little extra help and a little more party in something that is good with two, but could be better with three, four, or more.

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For your information: Ohio Pot Laws


First of all, as less than cautious potheads, you are all very lucky to be doing your law breaking in this state. Ohio is one of 13 states to have some sort of marijuana decriminalization. I’ve noticed some confusion on this campus and elsewhere about what exactly decriminalization means, so let me clarify:

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A Final Touch of Kink: S is for Sadomasochism

Pain and Pleasure can a blurred spectrum rather than stark opposites. Some of the most intensely pleasurable experiences almost painful—stepping into a steaming hot shower with your nose still numb from the cold, a deep massage, or the last instant before you give into and are overwhelmed by an orgasm. In the world of BDSM, it’s ok to play with the boundaries of painful pleasure and pleasurable pain and to show that you care for someone by hurting them in just the right ways.

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A Touch of Kink continued: D is for Domination/Submission and Discipline

Domination and Submission make up the heart of BDSM. While BDSM includes more than can be imagined, the majority of BDSM involves power imbalances. It is tantalizingly erotic to dominate someone, and there’s something equally thrilling about submitting. The role you take is a matter of personal preference, and just as both morning and midnight passions are thrilling, and menthol and warming lube each have their place, dominating and submitting differ but can be equally sexy.

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This Weekend’s Craziness

Welcome to the first edition of the new Rock and Roll column, where I will be observing, reporting, analyzing, and criticizing the party scene here at Oberlin.  We are committed to learning and labor, but we are married to social frivolities by all means.  We constantly barrage ourselves with awesome things to do, and we are Not Boring.

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B is for Bondage

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BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Subordination, Sadism, and Masochism, is one of the broadest and least understood parts of sexuality.  BDSM can range from the thrill of being held against a wall to elaborate and terrifying passions.  We all flirt with it, but here is some advice and experience to play with power just a caress more.  It’s that little bit of kink that has made some of my best lovers the ones who left me, consensually*, a little bit black, blue, and bloody.

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