Bike Derby a la 1992


We talked to John Petersen ’88, the Department Chair of Environmental Studies, today about the Bike Derby.  “Savagery is really the only good word for it.  Just savagery,” he said.  Then he sat back, shaking his head and repeating once more, “Savagery.”

He told us to check out a youtube video of it, and we think you should too.  It’s a valuable tidbit of Oberlin History.

Part 1 (and don’t forget Part 2 where the savagery intensifies)


Warning: Video contains nudity and general savagery

Music Notes: Jennifer Koh ’97

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Oberlin alumna and virtuosic violinist Jennifer Koh ‘97 returned to her alma mater on Thursday as part of the Artist Recital Series to perform a solo concert entitled “Bach and Beyond,” commemorating the composer’s 325 birthday.

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VIDEO: Student Discusses How Volunteering Shaped Her Relationship with Oberlin

 “I think it’s kind of sad that you can go through Oberlin College and not feel like you lived in Ohio,” said Erin Adair, is an Oberlin College Senior majoring in biology. She plays Frisbee for fun and collects her federal Work-Study award by volunteering at Oberlin Community Services (OCS) through the Bonner Center’s Community Service Work-Study Program (CSWSP). Continue reading