College Against N. Professor Street Parking Lot

The College is applying for an exemption from a city regulation that requires one parking space for every two beds.  With the North Professor Street construction bringing 160 new beds to campus, the City’s code dictates that the College create over 80 parking spaces. To apply for variance, the College must meet 20 different qualifications.

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Oberlin Finalizes Negotiations with Stevie Wonder




The College is in the final stages of contract negotiations with Stevie Wonder. They expect that he will perform at the inauguration of the new Litoff jazz building on May 1.  The deal will be finalized this week; we will bring you all the details as soon as we can.

Digital Signs "Wow…that’s cool."

As Seen in Wilder Main

As Seen in Wilder Main

Seven digital signs now grace Oberlin’s high traffic areas, displaying banners for student organizations and College departments, College events, a live energy monitoring feed, news crawl and the time, date and weather, in the hopes of keeping students more informed of campus events. Continue reading

Airport Shuttle $5 During Breaks, $10 Regular


Lorain County Transit cut Route 33, which ran from Oberlin College to the Cleveland-Hopkins Airport, this summer when faced with an $880,000 budget deficit.  The College has entered into an agreement with an alternate company, Airport Oberlin Shuttle Service, to keep a route to the airport open.  Continue reading

Over Enrollment – Housing Effects

Thane Tehsenfeld '13 in his open quad lounge.  East, "Room" 371

Thane Tehsenfeld ’13 in his open quad lounge. East, Room 371

Last year, the College over enrolled by 40 students. This year, we’ve over enrolled by 98. ResEd has been scrambling to house the 98 additional students, resulting in the reduction of super singles and super quads, the acquisition of 3 village houses, and the placement of students in program houses and temporarily in converted lounges. Continue reading

Burton and Lord/Saunders Renovations Picture Tour


The New Burton in the Early Morn'

The New Burton in the Early Morn’

Thanks to the economy, the Burton and Lord/Saunders renovation projects came in under budget, allowing the College to renovate everything that it wanted and still save money.

“The bids came in under what we had budgeted,” said Molly Tyson, Dean of ResEd.  “So it’s not cost savings because we’re doing less, it’s cost savings because of the economy.  We’re getting more for our money.” Continue reading

The New Class

Statistics Courtesy of the Office of Admissions

We need better pictures.

We need better pictures.

Who they are:

Almost 6,000 people applied to the College of Arts and Sciences

12 years of record applicant numbers for the College

1,400 people applied to the Conservatory

10 years of record applicant numbers for the Conservatory

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CIT: Safe Connect Cannot See Files, Won’t Limit P2P


Syphilis.  Another virus you don't want to get.

Your computer has syphilis.

An email sent out by CIT on August 12th concerning Safe Connect, the new Network Access Control system, inspired a small student reaction that caused CIT to put the program on hold.  CIT will hold two open forums on the weeks of September 14th and 21st to present their plan to students directly and walk them through it.

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