Burton and Lord/Saunders Renovations Picture Tour


The New Burton in the Early Morn'

The New Burton in the Early Morn’

Thanks to the economy, the Burton and Lord/Saunders renovation projects came in under budget, allowing the College to renovate everything that it wanted and still save money.

“The bids came in under what we had budgeted,” said Molly Tyson, Dean of ResEd.  “So it’s not cost savings because we’re doing less, it’s cost savings because of the economy.  We’re getting more for our money.” Continue reading

Art Rental: The Gallery

Photo by Mike Craig.

Photo by Mike Craig.

From early yesterday afternoon, throughout last night and into this morning, students gathered behind the Allen Memorial Art Museum to take part in Art Rental.  For over 50 years, Oberlin students have had the opportunity to choose art from 18th century Japanese woodblock prints to 14th century manuscripts to hang in their bedrooms.  From Picasso to Warhol, you can have it all! *
Day photos – Mike Craig
Night photos – David Roswell

*Students are limited to two pieces per semester.

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Ed Helms Rocks Finney


Photo by Mike Craig.

To demonstrate their love for The Office and all things Ed Helms ’96, Oberlin students did the wave in Finney Chapel—multiple times.  Slow claps and stomping finally brought the superstar onto the stage and the audience exploded, giving him an initial standing ovation.

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Fall at Oberlin


Tappan Square through the Memorial Arch.  Photo by Carolyn Weinstein.

The first three pictures are by David, and the last 15 pictures are by Carolyn.

Winter at Oberlin

Gallery by David Roswell and Carolyn Weinstein

Fearless and Loathing Launch Party

Photos by Sybil Levine and Sook Jang

Fire and Ice Pictures

Read the accompanying blog post here: http://www.fearlessandloathing.com/2010/03/fire-and-ice/

Blu and Exile at the ‘Sco