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Have a great and relaxing summer! Seriously: relax. You deserve it.

Congrats to the class of 2015!



Senate Plenary May 10, 2015

12 out of 13 Student Senators were present at last night’s plenary. During the “outside business” segment, two Student Financial Committee (SFC) representatives raised concerns regarding Senate’s process of interviewing candidates for the SFC. The representatives specifically noted reports of Senators “falling asleep during interviews” or promising to provide more than four Senators and “providing one, two, or even none.”  These concerns were relayed to the SFC after interviewees came to the SFC worried that the interviews were unfairly biased. Part of the job description for Senators includes a requirement of attending four or more appointment interviews. No Senators have met this requirement. Despite this, the Senators decided not to conduct the interviews again with sufficient staffing.

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Senate Plenary May 5, 2015

Ten out of 15 Student Senators were present at last night’s plenary. During the “Outside Business” segment, former Student Senator Zachary Crowell ’15 appealed to the group representing DOFA [Defending Oberlin’s Financial Accessiblity], calling on Senate to “do their jobs” by showing support for a tuition freeze. When asked what Student Senate can logistically do before the end of the semester (particularly given the administration’s lack of enthusiasm for such action), Crowell suggested obtaining data about how much Oberlin is helping students with demonstrated financial need pay for their educations. Regarding a tuition freeze, the Senators remained divided, some arguing that there is a difference between freezing tuition, versus having the planned 4% tuition increase directly help students with demonstrated financial need instead of “funding million dollar buildings.”

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Senate Plenary April 26, 2015

Due to a technical failure, there is no audio recording of student senate this week. A summary of the plenary is below.

11 out of 14 senators were present at this week’s Student Senate Plenary. The meeting was mostly dominated by outside business as the senators heard from both the SFC and Zachery Crowell of Defending Oberlin Financial Accessibility (DOFA). First SFC presented the case for removing an officer from their committee and asked for senate’s guidance. The officer in question has missed an unacceptable number of meetings throughout the academic year and has participated little in the meetings they did attend. Currently the officer has 29 out of 30 strikes on their record, which triggers the need for student senate intervention. Three members of SFC, including co-chair Mimi Stern ‘16, as well as co-chair and student senator Peace Iyiewuare ‘17, presented their case, expressing their frustrations surrounding long hours and the difficulty of meeting a quorum of four. Possible solutions included lowering quorum to three votes and removing the officer by e-vote. Some concerns were raised about a vote over email and it was instead decided that Committee Liaison Ben Libbey ‘16 would meet with the officer in question before any further action was taken.

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Senate Plenary April 19, 2015

11 senators were present at Sunday’s plenary. Plenary was extended until 10pm. Zachery Crowell came to talk about DOFA (Defending Oberlin Financial Accessibility). A student asked for money on behalf of a group who is organizing a debrief space after the Christina Hoff Sommers’ talk. This led to a discussion of whether it’s Student Senate’s job to sponsor events and organizations, or if that falls solely within the Student Finance Committee’s domain. Student Senate agreed to give $50 to this group. Senate moved to table a proposal from a representative from STAT (Sustainable Transportation Action Team, a working group of the Sustainable Transportation Coalition), who asked for a new student senate liaison to STC for next fall. Senate passed a proposal to spend $40 on a domain name for its website:

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Senate Plenary April 12, 2015

(Because of room confusion, this recording begins twenty minutes into plenary. Senate held two executive sessions this plenary. Fearless and Loathing cannot record during executive sessions.)

The discussion started with the outcome of the Women and Transgender hours at South Gym and then moved onto office hour reports. One report included a student who encouraged Senate to consider the implications that come from sponsorship of certain events. Senate considered whether new guidelines on sponsorship should be established. Senate also concluded that it should be more involved in the events that they sponsor in general.

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Senate Plenary April 5, 2015

Sunday’s plenary was a short one — less than two hours! Senators discussed the upcoming Senate Referendum, and agreed to support Oberlin’s divestment of direct endowment holdings from the top twelve producers of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. After working group and committee reports, senate moved closer to finalizing smaller aspects of the upcoming referendum.

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Happy Spring Break!

Hope y’all survived your midterms (or will have survived them soon) and are ready for spring breeeaaakkkkk! If you’re staying in Oberlin, take advantage of the free meals being provided for the first time as a collaboration between Student Senate and local churches.


See you in a week!



Free Meals over Spring Break

Student Senate, in an email to the student body, confirmed they were partnering with local churches to provide a number of free meals to students over Oberlin College’s spring break. College Dining service and Co-op meals are not offered over spring break, leaving students to purchase their own food. This is a serious financial burden for many students and inconvenient to all. Below are the planned times and places for these meals.

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