Students and Trustees Discuss Divestment at Forum

The only topic of extended discussion at Thursday’s Student-Trustee Forum was divestment from six companies profiting from Israeli policies regarding Palestine. Chair of the Board Clyde McGregor was absent so no trustee was authorized to speak on behalf of the Board, though many trustees took the chance to offer personal opinions.

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Details on Thursday’s Student-Trustee Forum

Students and trustees will sit down together tomorrow night at 9pm around the long tables in Stevenson Dining hall for the Student-Trustee forum.

There’s a new addition to the format of the event. This forum will begin with about 10-15 minutes of mingling between students and trustees while they gather food and take their seats. The food will be standard reception fair, likely fruit, veggies, hummus and nachos and cheese.

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Adrian Fenty ’92 Discusses Education Reform in Convocation Address

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Adrian Fenty '92

Adrian Fenty addresses the Oberlin College community at this year’s first Convocation. Photo by David Roswell.

Adrian Fenty ’92 opened this year’s convocation series with a talk on his efforts to reform the Washington, D.C. school system during his term as mayor. Continue reading

David’s Best of F+L

Welcome to Oberlin! For those of you seeking new content, for now…this is it. As I write this, we are out reporting and will have orientation coverage starting tomorrow. In addition, we’ll have boatloads of information up when The Guide launches and are currently working on a couple news stories that we’ll run when the rest of the student body return to campus.

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