The New Class

Statistics Courtesy of the Office of Admissions

We need better pictures.

We need better pictures.

Who they are:

Almost 6,000 people applied to the College of Arts and Sciences

12 years of record applicant numbers for the College

1,400 people applied to the Conservatory

10 years of record applicant numbers for the Conservatory

860 new students

669 Arts and Sciences first years

29 Arts and Sciences transfers

162 Conservatory students

27 Double Degree students

107 international students from 35 countries

66 are foreign or have dual-foreign citizenship

29 have dual U.S. and foreign citizenship

12 are permanent residents

148 students of color

55% female, 45% male

56 are sons and daughters of alumni*

Where they’re from:

41 states and D.C.

NY, CA, OH, MI, MA, PA, NJ, and IL are the most represented states.

622 high schools

64% from public schools

35% from private or parochial schools

How smart they are:

3.6 GPA unweighted**

3.9 GPA weighted

SAT Scores:

700 Critical Reading

676 Math

690 Writing

80% ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class

about 25% ranked in the top 1%

46% of the new Conservatory class had the highest audition rating possible

What they’ve done:

79% of Arts and Sciences held leadership positions in 1,100 organizations

50% of students have an interest in music or theatre

117 were captains of athletic teams

Students have volunteered in Vietnam, Uganda, Nepal, Ghana, and Thailand

1 student helped build a school in Afghanistan

1 student assisted with the construction of a medical outpost in Tanzania

1 student was the director of outreach for the Bronx Science Holocaust Museum

1 student was the director of a community garden project in Tremont (near Cleveland)

1 student founded a community service group to refurbish guitars for soldiers and children in Iraq

*This number was 32 five years ago

**Only looks at English, Math, Science, History, and Foreign Language grades