Oberlin Finalizes Negotiations with Stevie Wonder


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SWEEEEET. kalamu.com

The College is in the final stages of contract negotiations with Stevie Wonder. They expect that he will perform at the inauguration of the new Litoff jazz building on May 1.  The deal will be finalized this week; we will bring you all the details as soon as we can.

9 thoughts on “Oberlin Finalizes Negotiations with Stevie Wonder

  1. TM

    He’s confirmed for Finney. That’s all I know. More forthcoming… I’ve heard.

    (Finney seats 1200, and only 800 of those tickets will be going to students. The college has yet to decide how we’ll get the tickets– whether it be through a lottery system, camping out a la art rental, etc.)

  2. Michael Corleone

    I want to hear more about this. Is this likely enough to happen that my parents should buy tickets to come see him. Is this is a public event? Etc.

  3. fearlessandloathing

    I attended an event back in July where Krislov thought it was likely enough to happen that he announced it to a groups of alumni. It’s also likely enough that he put it in his state of 2009 address. I haven’t heard anything on how the college will handle ticketing. We should have a lot more information on all of this in about a week.

    Personally, I think if Stevie comes it would be amazing if he played in Tappan Square or somewhere open so you wouldn’t have to sell a kidney/kill your roommate to see him. Of course, it’s completely up to him. If we drum up enough support though, maybe he’d be down.


  4. fearlessandloathing

    Marci Janas, the Director of Con Relations, just told us that Stevie Wonder isn’t confirmed for any venue yet and the logistics of seating and such are still being figured out.

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