Burton and Lord/Saunders Renovations Picture Tour


The New Burton in the Early Morn'

The New Burton in the Early Morn’

Thanks to the economy, the Burton and Lord/Saunders renovation projects came in under budget, allowing the College to renovate everything that it wanted and still save money.

“The bids came in under what we had budgeted,” said Molly Tyson, Dean of ResEd.  “So it’s not cost savings because we’re doing less, it’s cost savings because of the economy.  We’re getting more for our money.”

A Saunders Double

A Saunders Double

New flooring, lighting, furniture, electrical upgrades, fire alarms and sprinklers grace each student room in the three dorms.  All exterior doors now have swipe access, and room keys have been replaced with electronic swipes.

Accessibility has been brought up to the standards set in the Americans with Disabilities Act within each dorm.  There are now ADA bathrooms on each floor, and certain doors open automatically when swiped.

Burton is now fully accessible, with a ramp into Burton’s front entrance and an elevator to all floors.  An ADA lift will also be built in Lord, bringing accessibility to the second floor.

Showering Just Got Better

Showering Just Got Better

Burton’s basement renovations were the most financially uncertain aspect of the project.  The redone basement now has two practice rooms, a computer lab, large and small group study rooms and a clothes drying room.  It still has a ping pong table, though the pool table and piano have been removed.

There is still some work to be done, mostly concerning the furnishings.  Patio furniture for Lord/Saunders is expected to arrive in four to six weeks.  Though finished, Burton’s basement is not completely furnished either.  The computers are missing from the lab, and the group study rooms aren’t furnished.  Tyson will meet later this week with the College’s designer to place orders.

There has been talk of possibly renovating another dorm with money saved, though absolutely no guarantee.

North Campus' Practice Rooms

North Campus’ Practice Rooms

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    Reading about Lord/Saunders renovations makes me giggle. We’ve got shiny new furniture, yeah, but at least last year there was consistent hot water in the showers.

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