Bike Derby a la 1992


We talked to John Petersen ’88, the Department Chair of Environmental Studies, today about the Bike Derby.  “Savagery is really the only good word for it.  Just savagery,” he said.  Then he sat back, shaking his head and repeating once more, “Savagery.”

He told us to check out a youtube video of it, and we think you should too.  It’s a valuable tidbit of Oberlin History.

Part 1 (and don’t forget Part 2 where the savagery intensifies)


Warning: Video contains nudity and general savagery

7 thoughts on “Bike Derby a la 1992

  1. Jake

    The Bike Derby rarely provided an alternative to storage for students to dispose of their bikes at the end of a school year. The bike derby after being banned in 1993, has happened every year since 2001. Most bikes are made for the event and resultantly, would be considered death traps if used for more than the 20 minutes that the derby takes up. In all honesty, having participated in the derby for the past four years, I would hope that none of those bikes get donated to children. Also, in Oberlin, the Bike Co-op (an institution completely unrelated to the Derby) houses the makings for hundreds of bikes is always open to anyone and frequently runs programming specifically for “less advantaged children.” Not to mention the hundreds of bikes that Safety and security sits on throughout the year that could be donated. The loss of 20 trash bikes that were built to be trash bikes is a pretty minor concern considering the wealth of possible bicycles in Oberlin and other abhorrent and sociopathic behavior that Oberlin students engage in.

  2. NancIy Clark

    Sorry to sound like an old fart, but it always saddens me to see intelligent people enjoy being destructive. I’m sure some of those bikes were quite expensive. I never thought Oberlin students would behave like spoiled, entitled rich kids. Please tell me that current students are more respectful and would rather donate their bikes to less advantaged children than demolish them.

  3. Ben

    It was brilliant, indeed. Come by and I’ll show you some pics from the same era that will make you smile…

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